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5 WFH Homes on Airbnb that are Perfect for a Work-cation in Florida

Paradise Island Hideaway

Key West, Florida
Price: $$
WFH Homes Rating: 4.5 stars

  • High-speed internet and wireless router – important for quick, reliable connection to work from home
  • Fully equipped kitchen with cooktop, microwave & convection oven – necessary for preparing meals during breaks
  • Private back deck – perfect spot to soak up some sun or set up an outdoor workspace with a view
  • Easy on-street parking and loaned bicycles, if desired – alleviate the stress of commuting when WFH.

The combination of essential amenities and bonus features, such as a convenient location near the beach and front porch for enjoying sunsets, make this place the ideal WFH Home!

“Sunny Haven Getaway”

Tampa, Florida
Price: $
WFH Homes Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Proximity to necessary amenities (shopping malls, hospitals, airports): A home close to necessary amenities is a must-have for remote workers traveling or having medical appointments.
  • Entertainment and leisure activities nearby: Remote workers need quality time away from work, and having fun activities in the area, like Busch Gardens, and Adventure Island can be very convenient.
  • Safety & security of neighborhood: Feeling safe is important for anyone working from home. This Airbnb offers that comfort with its easily accessible location near Tampa’s historic Ybor City district.
    The proximity to essential services combined with entertainment options and a secure neighborhood makes this an ideal WFH Home for remote workers seeking an escape within reach of their everyday needs – simultaneously, you get some much-needed R&R!

The Executive Retreat

Miami, Florida
Price: $$$
WFH Homes Rating: 4.7 stars

  • Great outdoor amenities such as a private pool, hot tub, and sauna for relaxation and stress relief
  • A secluded environment free of distractions with the perfect balance of work & play
  • Open layout offering plenty of natural light perfect for focus and productivity
  • Ample space to create an organized home office setup with enough room to store equipment or supplies when not in use
    The combination of comfort, convenience, privacy & enjoyment makes this the ideal home away from home experience that will benefit any remote worker looking to stay productive while still having some much-needed downtime.

The Perfect Beach Oasis

Neptune Beach, Florida
Price: $$
WFH Homes Rating: 4.5 stars

  • Fast Wifi: High speed, reliable internet connection is key for remote workers, and this abode offers both fast and dependable wifi.
  • Luxury Amenities: With a fully renovated interior and upscale amenities, remote workers have the comfort needed to focus on their tasks without distraction.
  • Accessibility & Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of being within walking/biking distance to excellent restaurants & bars and nearby access to major cities like Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Mayo Clinic & TPC Sawgrass are all close by.

The accessibility and luxury amenities make this beach ideal for a successful work-from-home experience!

The “Coconut-Grove Pad”

Coral Gables, Florida
Price: $
WFH Home Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Quiet neighborhood with plenty of privacy – perfect for remote working and video/phone calls without distraction or disruption
  • Three separate sleeping areas, with queen beds, provide ample space for multiple occupants to work comfortably from home.
  • A newly renovated kitchen with appliances makes it easy to maintain healthy eating while working remotely.
  • Only 5 minutes away from Coconut Grove and Miami International Airport, allowing workers to easily take advantage of travel opportunities.
  • Modern Smart TVs in two different bedrooms provide pleasant entertainment after a long workday.

The standout feature that tipped this WFH Homes rating over 4.5 stars is its excellent location within proximity of both popular attractions and convenient transportation hubs. This makes The Coconut Grove Pad an ideal choice for remote workers who wish to stay productive even when they are on the go!

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